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Starting life as The Mayor's Thames Festival, Totally Thames is an arts and cultural celebration of London's river. We are very proud to announce the launch of the latest 'back to the drawing board' version of the website.

Scaramanga have worked tirelessly with the team at Totally Thames for many years and in 2017 we embarked on our biggest project yet. We forgot about everything we had done in the past and focussed on delivering a website fit for the future.

We began our efforts by evolving the newly created logo to developed a brand identity for both Totally Thames and the Thames Festival Trust (the organisation who deliver the Totally Thames festival) – everything from colour palettes, font pairings to image treatment. Once these fundamental building blocks were established, we used them to design and build the website you see today.

However, probably the biggest decision we collectively made was to strip out much of the existing content and to create a separate website for the Thames Festival Trust. This allowed us to develop a design that focusses purely on promoting the events.

A fresh design

Totally Thames is a festival celebrating London’s river and at its heart is an events based website. We developed a simple system that allows the Totally Thames team to add and manage their extensive event information as well as making it simple for a user to find the event they are interested in (on desktop or mobile), quickly and easily.

In fact, we designed the site to be friendly towards touch interaction as most of the website’s traffic is generated from users on a tablet or a phone.

If an event has multiple shows or requires a ticket to be purchased, then these are automatically displayed on the event page. This provides the flexibility the Totally Thames needed to present a range of different type of events.

We also innovated new ways for the user to find events with, what we’ve coined as the 'calendar ruler'. As the festival only runs in September, we decided it would be good to present all the available dates so the user could select either an individual day or a whole week.

Actually, we added a whole load of different ways for a user to filter events – by date, keyword, location and event category.

Image treatment

Inspired by the reflection of water ripples, we created the abstract illustration which, when combined with an image, creates a distinctive montage.

With a new design, new CMS, new identity and new hosting, Totally Thames is ready for this year’s festival and many more to come.