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Social media marketing

The Sheriffs Office asked Scaramanga to

Deliver a social media programme which would establish a firm presence on social media (with Twitter and LinkedIn as priorities), raise brand awareness, engage with new audiences and drive traffic to the website.

In 2014, The Sheriffs Office enforced a number of judgments against Caterham Sports Ltd. With high value seizures, including a Caterham F1 car, this high profile case generated a lot of publicity in the media. Using Twitter to amplify the case, we achieved the following results in just one month:

100,000 website visits, over half of which were within 24 hours of posting our article, and nearly 600 new email sign-ups

328,000 tweet impressions, 200 mentions and 670 new followers

This demonstrated social media as a highly influential resource and valuable business tool and the benefits of running a structured and consistent campaign were clear.

We put our thinking hats on

Scaramanga put together a strategy that correlated with the overall marketing objectives. We used insight tools to analyse engagement, hot topics and keywords. Once agreed, we started the implementation of the programme.

To increase engagement and raise profile we blueprint accounts to connect with, making time for follow up, identify relevant news stories to comment on and promote useful resources and event attendance.

The Sheriffs Office use content marketing to educate their target markets about High Court enforcement and how to use it. To gain more exposure to the content on the website, we frequently post links back to articles on the website, especially if a related topic is trending in the media, sending the relevant free eBook guide (there are four of these) to new followers and creating visually impactful content, such as infographics, to really grab the users’ attention.

We also use Twitter’s advertising tool to generate new followers, website clicks and tweet engagement, such as retweets.

And delivered these results

Website traffic

Prior to the Caterham F1 campaign in 2014, only 7-8% percent of referral traffic to the website came from social media. Now, in 2016, 38% of referral traffic is attributed to social media. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are a firm staple in the top 10 referral sources each month.

This doesn’t include additional traffic that has come through social media indirectly i.e. by typing straight into the browser etc.

We’ve found that the website visitors from social media spend 18% more time on the site and view 55% more pages than average, a strong indication that this is quality traffic.

Engagement and influence

Klout is a tool that rates users according to their online social influence (i.e. if people engage with a tweet, that is classed as influence). An average Klout score for Twitter is between 30-40.

The Sheriffs Office’s Klout score is currently 49 and they have achieved ‘expert’ ranking in the following terms; ‘debt’ (top 0.1%), ‘law’ (top 0.4%), ‘lawyers’ (top 0.4%), ‘law firms’ (1.2%), ‘bankruptcy’ (top 2.0%).

Engagement is particularly strong on their Twitter account, with an engagement rate of up to 12% per tweet!


Our various Twitter Ads campaigns have been hugely successful, giving The Sheriffs Office a larger, and engaged, audience to market to. In fact, the growth in their follower numbers greatly surpasses that of their competitors, in the same time frame.

From June 2015 until now, followers of competitor Twitter accounts have grown in the margin of 25-54%. This increase pales in comparison to The Sheriffs Office’s growth of 112% in the same time. Having recently kicked off a ‘Followers’ campaign, we have forecasted that this increase will rise to 192% before the end of this year.

The Sheriffs Office’s LinkedIn company page has gained 400+ new followers. This is markedly higher than their competition, who have each only managed to attain less than 90 new followers in the same time period.

It’s worth noting that The Sheriffs Office operates in a specialist B2B area, which makes these figures all the more impressive.


The Sheriffs Office were ‘Highly Commended’ at the Croydon Business Excellence Awards 2015 in the category for ‘Best Business for Marketing and Social Media’.