Scaramanga Agency

Marketing The Sheriffs Office

In 2009, The Sheriffs Office asked Scaramanga to develop and implement a marketing strategy to grow new business, build repeat business and significantly grow market share to become one of the largest firms of authorised High Court Enforcement Officers.

We created a new brand, website and marketing collateral to increase their profile. Over the years, the visual language of the brand has been updated, as has the collateral and website. We positioned them as thought leaders and experts, within the business, property and legal sectors, their largest markets.

This is led by a content marketing strategy, supported by email and social media marketing, webinars, online and offline advertising, videos, exhibitions, events and PR.

To reach members of the public, we approached TV production companies and pitched a programme following the ‘sheriffs’ recovering money on behalf of those struggling because they had not been paid.

‘The Sheriffs Are Coming’ was commissioned by BBC One in 2011 and series 8 aired in Spring 2019. The show has been watched by over...

52% of the
viewing public,
a massive
32 million viewers

Fortnightly newsletters
to over 50,000 subscribers
1st page of Google
for every keyword

All engagement is followed up and the business has grown year on year, with very high levels of brand recognition, as well as significant growth in turnover, profit and market share and numerous industry awards.

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