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Step Forward

Getting the marketing strategy on the right track

StepForward asked Scaramanga to

Develop and implement a marketing strategy to take advantage of changes to purchasing behaviour and proactively prepare for a more competitive environment.

StepForward provides services to help people needing support in their own homes. Service users include older people, young people, victims of domestic violence, people with mental health support needs and learning disabilities.

We put our thinking hats on

The members of the senior management team involved are experts in their field, but most have limited exposure to marketing. The budget for bringing in consultancy expertise was limited given that StepForward is a not for profit organisation.

We worked with StepForward to design a one day workshop for the entire management team to work through key areas of marketing strategy. Claire Scaramanga facilitated the workshop, using exercises and brainstorm sessions to develop thinking and threads to be worked on beyond the workshop.

As part of the process, we worked with the management team to educate them and grow knowledge and understanding of marketing planning for their future plans. We involved the entire team so they can go on to develop the detailed planning and tactics in-house.

And delivered these results

We ended with commonly agreed organisational marketing goals, a common understanding of what strategy entails and the work required, ideas for developing new services, clear brand messaging, an understanding of the importance of undertaking competitive research in an increasingly competitive market and a detailed list of actions, each with an accountable owner.

“Being not for profit, we used to struggle with the concept of marketing. Scaramanga worked with us so we are now clear how vital marketing is to our longer term success by linking our image and promotion to our business planning, competitiveness and growth. Claire went the extra mile to understand our business and its environment. She is an excellent facilitator and has the happy knack of bringing the best out of people while firmly challenging preconceptions and assumptions.”
Mark Austin
Director – StepForward