Scaramanga Agency

The Invisible Lift

Sesame creates amazing lifts that can be installed in any building (including Grade I listed). Their product is innovative and of exceptional quality – just like their new brand.

When conducting our initial research we discovered Sesame used the following names to refer themselves:

  • Sesame Access Systems
  • Sesame Access Systems Ltd
  • Sesame Access
  • Sesame

Clearly a decision needed to be taken about what they are called before we could start designing their identity, so this was our first priority.

We initially agreed to develop the identity as Sesame Access, however, it was unsurprising to discover that the company was being referred by everyone (including clients) as Sesame. So we decided to ditch the word Access, however, there was still a flaw: both Sesame and Sesame Access (if used) did not articulate the fact that the company designs and builds lifts. To ensure maximum clarity and to communicate the company’s USP we created a punchy tagline to accompany the logo. In three words, The Invisible Lift expresses the company’s main proposition and works in beautiful harmony with the visual trickery used in the logo.

Oh we also redesigned their website. It is now a multi-language website managed under one CMS.