Scaramanga Agency

New brand and website design

PDR Group approached Scaramanga Agency initially wanting for a new website, but it wasn’t just their website that looked tired – their identity felt dated too. So we recommended that we tackled their identity as part of this project and, lucky for us, the client was keen on this idea too.

Their old identity was a little nondescript. It certainly did not evoke any sense of individuality or differentiate their company, which is an important factor when you operate in a crowded sector such as recruitment.

There was also some confusion over their name. Although commonly known as PDR, their logo was PD Recruitment Solutions. To us, it was clear that we needed to help PDR define their brand before we could start the process of designing and building them a new website. So, we ran a mini branding workshop to help them identify their brand values, establish a naming convention for their three businesses and kick off a discussion about what a new identity may look like.

We created a customised typeface for the logo with a distinctive wrap-around motif, which has a twofold meaning:

  • That PDR have all angles covered
  • That PDR are friendly and inclusive

We placed the mark within a non-geometric shape, which creates an unusual form that is more memorable/recognisable than a circle.

The following images are taken from the brand guidelines we created as part of this project. They demonstrate how the three identities feel part of the same family, but are distinguishable by their colour palette.

Once the identity was approved and rolled out across all three companies (PDR Group, PDR Media and PDR Recruitment), we then got to work on the website.

Designing a website for a recruitment company is challenging as there are a lack of images to use that don’t look like standard cliched stock photos – an issue of their old website. In fact, it was difficult to base the design around images at all as the options are so limited.

Therefore, our design relied on just a single image being used on the home page for each company, but we applied an colourising image treatment to these images to avoid them looking like they were taken straight from an image library and help them blend in with the overall design theme.

The result is a simple identity applied to a simple website, with a simple mission to attract recruiters and candidates.

Even importing the jobs published on Broadbean (a recruitment, data distributing software) was made simple by the Content Management System used to run PDR’s multi-site offering. The client now only needs to publish the roles on Broadbean which distributes them across all the job boards and we then import them into the website – streamlining the process of managing the website and saving the client’s team time.