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Lamonde Automation was formed in 1982. They supply and support a wide range of Industrial products for industrial automation, process control, and electrical engineering in the UK and worldwide.

Scaramanga has been working with Lamonde for several years, managing all their advertising, including media buying, creative and project management, as well as design of their exhibition stand. In the summer of 2019, we created their first ever printed product catalogue.

The brief

In advance of their move to new larger premises (early 2020), Lamonde asked us to develop a new brand identity for them – marking a new phase in their business development with a fresh new look.

Our starting point was to analyse their market and look at the logos of their competitors, to identify how we could make Lamonde shine in a busy sector.

Our research quickly identified that their competitors’ identities were all typically very blue or red and relied of literal interpretations of their products and/or service to create their logos or icons. We were keen to stay away from this approach, as it evidently results in complicated icons that make their competitor brands feel dated. Think 1980s globe icons.

Our solution

Their original logo used an array of font sizes and colours, so we wanted to adopt a reductionist approach – creating a new marque with a minimal number of elements.

We selected a new colour palette, developed a new custom stencil typeface and created an icon – derived from the shapes in the typeface. In fact, we took this one step further and developed a pattern, formed by icons created for each letter in the Lamonde name.

The pattern provides a visually impactful secondary design element that works in harmony with the logotype. Perhaps the hidden strength of this visual identity is that each element – icon, logotype and pattern – can appear in isolation but still be instantly recognisable as Lamonde.

The outcome

We think the end result looks very strong and really gives them stand out from their competitors, whilst not losing any of their history, so they can build brand awareness.

Having built a reputation for possessing deep knowledge about their industry and providing quality advice, they have elevated their brand proposition to match their services.

Through consistent application, they can build brand awareness and be seen as a 'serious' player in their sector.

We provided Lamonde with all the brand assets for them to update their website and create signage for their new offices.