Scaramanga Agency


Creating a new brand and market positioning

Fujitsu Services asked Scaramanga to

Create new brand identity and market positioning.

Fujitsu Services had decided to sell a division of the company that no longer fitted with the company’s core Systems Integrator services. The division needed to develop its own market positioning, brand values and company culture – quite separate from its erstwhile parent.

The division had rebranded to Fujitsu less than a year previously and there was a need to minimise customer and channel confusion. In terms of reputation, they wanted to retain the credibility and strength brought by the Fujitsu brand, while optimising the opportunity for change and development that the sale permitted.

We put our thinking hats on

We ran a branding workshop with the marketing and management teams to develop a creative brief and manage the pitch process for a design agency. Having helped the client select the agency, we then went on to oversee the entire branding process with the client and the selected design agency.

We also developed the market positioning for NewCo and identified the appropriate customer experience for the new brand. We changed the existing customer experience so that it would deliver the new values. Finally, we establish the new brand values as part of the internal company culture.

And delivered these results

In the process of negotiating a preferred supplier status agreement with Fujitsu Services, the soon-to-be NewCo presented such clarity of thought, vision and (re)positioning that Fujitsu Services reconsidered their decision to sell, realised that the division was a core component of their business and stopped the sale.

“Claire Scaramanga is cool, calm and persistent. She understands the principles of what I need and delivers them with style, enthusiasm, and a high degree of creativity.”
Duncan Ward
Sales & Marketing Director – Fujitsu Services