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Crisis Solutions

Don't panic Mr Mainwaring!

Crisis Solutions asked Scaramanga to

To reinvigorate Crisis Solution's marketing, which had been neglected, and generate new business opportunities. No marketing had been undertaken for several years, so brand awareness had dropped and competitors had taken over market leadership.

We put our thinking hats on

We developed a marketing plan to extend their reach, regain thought leadership and track opportunities and engagement. Delivery included a new website, database building, email and content marketing, social media, webinars and seminars, sales literature and advertising, exhibition material and merchandise.

We also came up with the idea of a webinar-based "service" that used their crisis simulation software to give a taster of a remote simulation. We developed this and ran a number of such webinars.

And delivered these results

A significant number of new clients, including one international bank that they had never been able to sell into before. The simulation webinar has proved to be a highly effective sales tool.

“I've worked extensively with Claire and her team at Scaramanga. She is always a pleasure to work with and completely up to speed on all the new marketing tools and techniques. As a crisis management consultancy, we have used other marketing agencies in the past, but I never got the sense they really understood out sector. This is not true of Claire and the team, who are constantly coming up with new plans and ideas. Claire is a genuinely creative marketer who I would unreservedly recommend.”
Jim Preen
Head of Media – Crisis Solutions