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Corn Exchange Newbury

Corn Exchange Newbury includes a 400 seat auditorium, a 40 seat independent cinema and thriving café in the heart of Newbury.

In 2019, this was expanded to include a brand new facility called The Base and a separate Learning Centre.

Coupled with the 101 Outdoor Arts space managed by Corn Exchange Newbury and their fundraising microsite Love Your Corn Exchange they have a total of 5 websites being managed under one CMS.

Having worked with the Corn Exchange Newbury since 2012, we have made many changes to the website, however, our original three-pronged approach to:

  1. Rebuild/redesign the website to use a responsive design pattern
  2. Improve the User Experience (UX) using different Interaction Models and faster performance
  3. Build the website using a more up-to-date Content Management System.

has clearly proven to been a smart decision and a great success…

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With a smart box office integration with Spektrix and events shared across 3 websites, the client is maximising (almost) all of the key features Craft CMS has to offer.

“Working with the team at Scaramanga truly is a delight. We often say in our office that they do exactly what they say on the tin; they really are thoughtful. Attentive when you need their help, sympathetic when you think you may have broken your website, considerate to the needs of the staff who use the website, as well as the end user and kind when you don’t understand technical jargon and they explain it to you in layman’s terms! Their team have made this daunting project seem manageable and overall an enjoyable experience – thank you for all your help! ”
Stephanie Clark
Marketing & Audience Development Manager – Corn Exchange Newbury