Scaramanga Agency

Control Energy Costs has rebranded

In 2019, Scaramanga was awarded the commission by Control Energy Costs to be their full-service agency. Our goal was simple: to help them meet their business growth targets by repositioning their brand and implementing the marketing plan we devised to support these aims.

Clearly attracted by our bold approach and love of facing challenges head on, we got to work immediately. First with a multi-day branding workshop to flesh out their key brand characteristics and ascertain what does/will differentiate them in their sector.

This was closely followed by an intense period of collaboration to develop a full marketing strategy and define the deliverables. The first being a new identity to reflect the adjustment to the name.

The new visual identity Scaramanga has created for Control Energy Costs is unashamedly confident; utilitarian enough for modern usage across multiple digital platforms and print; distinctive enough to differentiate them from their competitors; flexible enough to expand as their business expands into other markets. In short, it possesses all the hallmarks of a quality brand.

Conversely, their previous identity was unassured. Their logo was too fussy and the graphics of silhouetted figures was obfuscating and unapproachable – which is the complete opposite of how they wanted to be perceived. Overall, their visual language did not match the messaging required for today’s audience who are attracted to a more green, socially responsible agenda.

We developed their narrative by focusing on the words ‘and breathe’ that is now embedded in their brand. We want everything about interacting with the Control Energy Costs to be as simple and calm as possible – whilst subtly promoting their green credentials.

Energy isn't something that we see, it's something we use. And for that reason, many of Control Energy Costs competitors use 'businessmen in boardroom' style stock imagery. We wanted to avoid this completely, it is an approach that is dated and overused, meaning there is little brand recognition as they could belong to anyone. Consumers attitudes are shifting especially in regards to energy consumption and being more environmentally responsible so this played a key part in our decision making.

With our help, Control Energy Costs now look more in control of their brand and, as their brand guardians, we will continue to help them meet their business objectives with the aid of a robust design system.