Mary brings additional focus to our business development, with her senior management and consultancy experience in business development and marketing both client and agency-side.

She has led on strategy planning, branding and communications, proposition development, memberships and innovation in both public and private sector, with B2C and B2B brands in retail, travel, construction, engineering, education, industrial services, financial services across the UK, Europe, North Africa and Japan.

Her determination to find the Win-Win is invaluable for our clients, our agency and consumers. Her highly customer-centric and collaborative style is matched with a dynamic and can-do approach to support our clients in creating the narrative for winning strategies. Her strengths of innovation, creativity and pragmatism inspire highly creative solutions and new propositions for transformation and deliver growth opportunities for our clients.

She has been called ‘wacky’ but that is a good thing – all her ideas can be toned down! Mary speaks French and German allegedly so that she can talk to more people in the world!