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We’ll help you identify what lies at the very heart of your business – your brand values.

Values and messages

Through our brand identification process, we work with the directors and key stakeholders to get to the core of what you want your customers, employees and the wider market to think and experience when they interact with your brand.

We then develop these into messages – usually three or four – that will be used consistently throughout all marketing communications. They may not always use the same words, but the underlying messages will remain the same, building brand consistency and awareness.

Branding and identity

Our team of designers have many years' experience helping organisations grow by developing impactful, powerful brands which work across all media and embody your brand values.

We develop the identity across all areas, including your stationery, website, exhibition material, sales and marketing collateral, social media and advertising, whether print or digital.


If your business needs a new name, we will develop a selection of names that match your values and your business goals. We will undertake checks to make sure the names we propose do not appear on Companies House or the trademark register, as well as looking at available domain names. Once the name is selected, we recommend undertaking more detailed intellectual property checks and work with a specialist IP law firm if you do not have your own.


Finally, we look at where the business should be positioned in the market place for optimum success – taking into account long and short term objectives.

Once these components are in place, the marketing campaigns will have far more focus and effect.

“Claire is brilliant to work with. Asks those annoying questions that you suddenly realise you haven't addressed. And these quality questions make you stand back and think hard. She will make you dig deeper for answers and then bring the whole lot together again to make sure it works. It was a very enjoyable experience and most importantly fruitful.”
Heather White
Managing Director – Smarter Networking

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