At Scaramanga Agency we understand the importance of tracking and reporting. The tools available to us are numerous and we ensure that wherever and whenever it is possible, we provide bespoke reporting on exactly what is important to you and your business.

We will always ensure that any tracking is fully compliant with GDPR and that you have the correct privacy policies in place.

Digital tools at our fingertips

This means taking advantage of things like bespoke tracking links that feed into Google Analytics and report on every click and conversion to monitoring social campaigns and optimising them regularly to bring you the best possible results for your budget.

Keeping in touch

If we are running campaigns for you then we will arrange regular check-ins with you to ensure you feel like you are getting value for money. We can look at ways to improve performance or change messaging if circumstances change. It can be important to remain agile to ensure that your campaign is fitting for the market conditions and these can change quickly.

A/B testing

We love data because it can give us useful insights, A/B testing is a great way to test campaigns, landing pages and imagery to see what resonates with your audiences.

PPC and performance

When we are running PPC campaigns then we will look at the data, analyse it and talk it through so that you can make informed decisions based on information we discuss. There might be small changes that can have a big difference and we will ensure that we talk you though this process and our thinking-based ion the data we have.

Curious minds

At Scaramanga we are curious and inquisitive so if you need a report or want to track something then we will do our best to make it happen so why not get in touch to find out more.

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I have worked with Claire on numerous occasions and she and her team have always come up trumps. They seem capable of delivering both small and large projects on time and within budget, which these days is a rare thing. The one outstanding thing that Scaramanga do differently from other agencies I have engaged is LISTEN, it is my ideas combined with their professionalism that has made working with them so successful and a pleasure.