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Content marketing is a really effective way of reaching an audience who do not want to be sold to, particularly in a business-to-business context.

You can engage with customers who have disengaged from traditional direct methods such as advertising and sales contact.

Content marketing works on the simple principle that, if you give people useful information that they want and value, they will become more aware of and receptive to your brand. They will better understand what you do and will perceive you to add value and, therefore, are much more likely to choose you when they are ready to buy.

Online content marketing – articles, forum posts, eBooks, white papers, videos, infographics – has the added advantage of building traffic, ranking and search engine

Many of our clients, particularly those providing services, use Scaramanga to develop and deliver a marketing strategy which has content marketing at its core.

“The team at Scaramanga thought way beyond our brief to add huge value that enabled us to grow our business. We rate them highly and plan to work with Scaramanga again.”
Paulo Fidanza
CEO – Vanguard plc

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