High Court Enforcement Group

High Court Enforcement Group and The Sheriffs Officers are High Court enforcement companies, recovering unpaid judgments for creditors and property for landlords.

Excel Civil Enforcement recovers local authority debt and the National Eviction Team undertakes protester and activist removals, often from national infrastructure sites.

High Court Enforcement Group: working across four brands

The Sheriffs Office

The Sheriffs Office are experts in the enforcement of court judgments and orders, recovering debt and property on behalf of individuals, businesses and landlords.

National Eviction Team

The National Eviction Team are protester, squatter and traveller removal experts and are part of High Court Enforcement Group. They have dealt with, and continue to deal with, more evictions of trespassers, unwanted environmental protesters and squatters than anyone else in the country.

Excel Civil Enforcement

Excel Civil Enforcement delivers outstanding enforcement, collection and associated services to local authorities and central government departments.


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