Beyond the 4Ps – the extended marketing mix

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Diversity, equity and inclusion - asking the difficult questions - Monica Beckles | E3

For National Inclusion Week 2022, HR and employment expert, Monica Beckles, joins host Kieran McNeill to answer the difficult questions around diversity, equity and inclusion.

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How work experience helps young people's careers - Megan Deefholts & Emilia Zucchelli | E2

For International Youth Day 2022, Megan Deefholts who previously did work experience with Scaramanga and Emilia Zucchelli while on her work experience with Scaramanga join host Claire Scaramanga to discuss how work experience can help young people with their careers.

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Making the web accessible for deaf and blind users - Lily Dedman | E1

For Deafblind Awareness Week 2022, accessibility expert, Lily Dedman, who is deaf and autistic, joins host Kieran McNeill to discuss making the web accessible for deaf and blind users.

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