Beyond the 4Ps – the extended marketing mix

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Communication during a crisis - David Asker & Jim Preen | E7

In the latest Scaramanga podcast, Claire sits down with Jim Preen and David Asker to discuss communication during a crisis.

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The future of Twitter for businesses - Kieran McNeill | E6

In this episode of the Scaramanga podcast, we look at the Twitter landscape post Elon Musk takeover and the future for businesses who use Twitter as part of their social strategy.

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Building a social presence through collaboration - Nathalie Selvon-Bruce | E5

Collaboration can be crucial for surviving and growing on social media. In this episode of the Scaramanga podcast, Talk too much, we speak with Nathalie Selvon-Bruce, Managing Director of Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers on why businesses should have a sharing pod and how collaboration helped her business get through the pandemic, innovate and thrive.

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