Telsolutions logo on a blue background
Telsolutions logo on a white background

As a society, we are bombarded with information from the moment we wake. Throughout the day we are exposed to brands all vying for our attention in the hope we’ll remember them at the crucial point. A modern brand needs to compete on many levels, so brand recognition is important.

A IT/telecoms company like Telsolutions need to express themselves in a way that resonates with its audience. Using typical industry imagery would have simply added to the overall mediocrity of the sector, so we deliberately selected a graphic style that would give them an edge and build a stronger perception of the brand.

The four shapes are an artistic interpretation of Telsolutions four key brand characteristics and when combined they create a visual language that is both appealing and memorable. Telsolutions now have a fresh new identity that give the impression that they are a polished outfit on top of their game.



Mockup of a tote bag with Telsolutions pattern on the front
Mockup of A5 landscape brochure with Telsolutions logo, brand pattern and coloured shapes.
Mockup of a desktop, Mac book pro, iPad, and iPhone showing different screenshots of the Telsolutions website design.