QE II Taste menus during the lockdown on a green and yellow gradient background

The process

We started by reviewing the QEII Centre’s brand guidelines and design approach so we could develop an illustrative style for the animation that would match the QEII Centre’s identity.

Once we had established the style, we then started storyboarding the video to match the script and voiceover recording provided by the client. As animation is a time consuming activity, the storyboard allows us to articulate our ideas to bring the script to life. Once approved, we began work animating the sequence.

We were able to incorporate the details from the packaging the QEII uses for its food boxes, as well as the QEII Taste logo and colour palette so the animation was uniquely QEII Centre. We did the same with the branding in the section that covers QEII Live, the Centre’s technology and AV facilities.

They were so pleased by the first video, when the QEII Centre became a Covid testing centre for Government employees earlier in 2021, they asked us to create a simple animated video, using the leaflet illustrations designed by the NHS, to show people what they would need to do, while they were waiting to be tested. We created the video in a number of different ratios, to be used on different screens at the Centre.

From initial brief to project completion, the process of working with Scaramanga was efficient, personable and professional. They took time to understand our brand guidelines and requirements - working backwards from what we wanted the final output to be. Thank you Claire and the team for making this project hassle free, we are all really pleased with the final edit.

Neil Chandler, Director of Venue Operations - QEII Centre