Initially, the requirement was to create a strong visual identity that would work with the existing logo, create strong brand recognition and raise the profile of the brand, however, as the project developed it was clear that the tired logo required a rethink – especially as we were commissioned to develop the identity of Excel Civil Enforcement and National Eviction team.


A brief explanation of the component in the High Court Enforcement Group logo

We created a series of pattern illustration that are carefully crafted to reflect the angular shape of the original logo and create a strong identity that (whether you love it or hate it) you won’t forget.

Two pictures of the High Court Enforcement Group brochures.
A compilation of the High Court Enforcement Group exhibition stand
High Court Enforcement Group advert on a newspaper
A mockup of High Court Enforcement website on desktop, laptop and tablet.
A compilation of the High Court Enforcement Group stationary

We developed a unifying brand for the HCE Group of companies that comprises of a family of logos, a series of graphic illustrations, bold colour palettes and a new corporate typeface that, when combined, is unmistakably HCE. We now continue to apply the new brand to all of HCE Group’s marketing collateral.