Our goal was to create a virtual exhibition that was both engaging and the embodiment of the time and music.

We wanted to grab the visitors attention, so on the home page they are presented with an atmospheric image of an entrance to a fictitious jazz club down a darkened alleyway, which splits like curtains to reveal the website’s content. This immediate sense of drama draws visitor into the exhibitions space.


The visitor can then enter one of the many exhibition rooms where they can listen to and watch interviews with key figures in the history of Esquire Records, hear the music with specially curated Spotify playlists, learn more about the collector and even share their own memories.

More importantly, the visitor can view the contrasting album artwork for each cover from the Esquire Records (UK) and Prestige Records (US) pressings — either on the artist pages or in the dedicated gallery room.


The cover artists include renowned jazz journalist and photographer Val Wilmer, production manager Ron Atkins, and Ralph Steadman — an important illustrator whose work includes the famous cover for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson and Pink Floyd’s, The Wall.

Live stream event from the festival

Simon Leadbetter, Scaramanga’s Creative & Technical Director, makes a nervous appearance in the live stream talk between Jez Nelson and Stefano Lugano.

At 24 minutes, Simon is suddenly thrust into the talk as Stefano’s connection failed. His five minutes of fame.

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