We put our thinking hats on

We started off by consulting with a wide number of policy advisors and communications team members, as well as NGOs working in the field of sustainable development. We were then able to identify all the wide-ranging audience segments (including Government, NGOs, businesses, the general public). We developed an overarching brand and messaging strategy, then tailored and developed a communications strategy for each segment to educate and change behaviour over time.

And delivered these results

We presented a five-year communications strategy for Sustainable Development, which included the setting and scheduling of goals and clear milestones. We obtained complete buy-in at all levels and the feedback from our client was that the plan provided the framework for the ongoing detailed implementation by DEFRA.

Claire Scaramanga helped us to develop a more strategic approach to our climate change communications. She brought a high level of strategic skills and an ability to assimilate complex information, leading to a set of proposals that were pragmatic, realistic in the timeframes available and extremely cost-effective. Claire was honest, approachable, open to constructive debate and good fun to have around. She has particular strategic skills which will be of interest to the public sector. I wholeheartedly commend her.

Kelly Freeman, Acting Director of Communications