Corn Exchange Newbury includes a 400 seat auditorium, a 40 seat independent cinema and thriving café in the heart of Newbury.

In 2019, this was expanded to include a brand new facility called The Base and a separate Learning Centre.

Coupled with the 101 Outdoor Arts space managed by Corn Exchange Newbury and their fundraising microsite Love Your Corn Exchange they have a total of 5 websites being managed under one CMS.

Having worked with the Corn Exchange Newbury since 2012, we have made many changes to the website, however, our original three-pronged approach to:

  1. Rebuild/redesign the website to use a responsive design pattern
  2. Improve the User Experience (UX) using different Interaction Models and faster performance
  3. Build the website using a more up-to-date Content Management System.

has clearly proven to be a smart decision and a great success…


With a smart box office integration with Spektrix and events shared across 3 websites, the client is maximising (almost) all of the key features Craft CMS has to offer.