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Sesame website and identity

By Simon Leadbetter, 1st February 2017

Sesame creates amazing lifts that can be installed in any building (including Grade I listed). Their product is innovative and of exceptional quality – just like their new brand. Today, we are very proud to reveal their new identity.

What is an invisible lift?

Before we delve into the details of this project, let’s see the Sesame lift in action…

Trio Sesame steps

Good hey! Now you know what an amazing product it is, we can take a closer look at how Scaramanga designed the Sesame identity.

Brand alignment

When thinking about a brand it is a good idea to have a visual metaphor in mind. For Sesame we pondered if the brand would be a Mini (fun, adventurous, mainstream) or a Jaguar (sporty, daring, exhilarating, exclusive). Would it be James Bond (sophisticated, edgy), an ex Army Major (with a stiff upper lip) or a hybrid of both of these characters?

After careful consideration, we narrowed things down to a person who, we believe, is the embodiment of the brand values. He is a young(ish) English army officer driving a classic convertible. He is not pompous, nor privileged but well groomed and appreciates the quality and refinement of more exclusive products. He appreciates the beauty of engineered products, which is why he loves his classic car.

We also defined the following keywords to help shape brand’s character: surprising, ingenious, sophisticated, British, innovative, original, precision, robust, high-end and heritage.

Colour palette

Armed with a clear idea of what qualities the brand needed to possess, we started a mood board collecting images that would fit the persona we had created. It soon became clear that the classic ‘Britishness’ we were seeking had a recurring colour theme: Racing Green. Paired with Cream and using Blue as an accent from which we created a sophisticated colour palette.

A naming kerfuffle

We soon discovered Sesame used a multitude of names to refer to themselves:

  • Sesame Access Systems
  • Sesame Access Systems Ltd
  • Sesame Access
  • Sesame

Clearly a decision needed to be taken about what they were going to be called before we could start designing the identity, so this was our first priority.

We had initially agreed to develop the identity as Sesame Access, however, it was unsurprising to discover that the company was continually being referred to by everyone (including clients) as Sesame. So we decided to ditch the word Access in favour of simplicity, but there was still a flaw: both Sesame and Sesame Access (if used) did not articulate the fact that the company designs and builds lifts.

To ensure maximum clarity and to communicate the company’s USP we created a punchy tagline to accompany the logo. In three words, The Invisible Lift expresses the company’s main proposition and works in beautiful harmony with the visual trickery used in the logo.


Update - we have now also built the new website for Sesame. And yes, at the moment the website was launched we were saying ‘We have lift off’!