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New website for The Sheriffs Office

By Simon Leadbetter, 24th July 2017

Today sees the launch of the latest version of The Sheriffs Office website, sporting a new home page designed solely around user analytics research and built using a new CMS.

In 2017, we launched the 2nd iteration of The Sheriffs Office website. The reason behind this latest version was twofold:

  1. Their existing Content Management System, ExpressionEngine, had reached its End of Life so an alternative CMS was needed.
  2. The home page needed a revamp.

What wasn’t needed was an extensive redesign as we have worked hard over the years to establish an instantly recognisable look-and-feel for The Sheriffs Office.

Armed with an extensive knowledge about the brand and a new CMS ready, we migrated the website’s content from ExpressionEngine to Craft CMS. We tidied up a few things along the way, improving the search, typography and global footer, but much remained the same.

The home page was redesigned and developed based on analysis of Google Analytic, ensuring it was tailored to provide quick access to the most visited content on the website. If a user can get to the content they are looking for, then conversion rates will naturally increase.


More than ever, it is extremely important that websites not only look and function great, but perform well as well. Ensuring your website is hosted on an optimised server is key to how fast the website loads. As part of this project, we also migrated the website to a new host which radically increased the speed of the website. We installed an SSL certificate which is fast becoming an essential requirement, as Google and browser developers are pushing for the entire web to be secure. Without an SSL certificate, your website will soon display an unfriendly 'this site is insecure' message, so it is something you can not ignore.

Online instruction forms

An important part of The Sheriffs Office’s business is to receive instructions from solicitors and members of the general public. There was already a separate website that allowed for online instructions, however, we integrated this into the main website so the users’ journey is seamless.

This multi-part form has be developed to ensure all important information is captured, whilst making it easy for the user to complete.

We have also made it easy for The Sheriffs Office team to extract the data and integrate it with their CRM system. In fact, it proved so successful that we are in the process of moving all of their instruction forms online (current count stands at 10).

Final words

Overall, this was a very successful migration project. If your website is currently running on ExpressionEngine 2 and you are thinking of what to do next, then talk to us as we can help.