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New website for Bremont

By Simon Leadbetter, 22nd June 2017

We have been working with Bremont for a number of years now, helping their website adapt to meet their growing international audience. And today, we launch another iteration containing notable enhancements.


Developing a long-term partnership with a design agency like Scaramanga, means that when a company’s business goals change, like they have with Bremont, there is already an understanding of the complexities involved – with deep rooted knowledge about the audience and operational requirements of the client’s team.

This latest version of the Bremont website takes a different direction to the previous 'brochure ware' website and adopts a blatant eCommerce approach. Although the website does not offer direct sales, the structure of the website has been based on a traditional eCommerce model which focuses on making the product the star.

Product pages have complex requirements. They need to make the product enticing enough to encourage the user to make that all important decision to push the buy button. They also need to offer the right level of information without being overwhelming, yet contain enough info for optimal SEO. For a luxury brand like Bremont, getting the balance right is crucial and something we are proud to have achieved with this elegant design solution.


Everybody loves a fast loading website. Clients normally have it somewhere written in their brief, users will leave if the site is too slow and Google use it as an indicator for their ranking algorithm. However, too often site speed is often overshadowed by other needs. For Bremont’s new website we ensured the site performance was high on the agenda.

During our consultation, we analysed the performance of the existing website running on the current server. It was slow. Time To First Byte (TTFB) which is an indicator of how quickly the server is responding before it starts to load the page was high – for the collection page, it was a staggering 3.63 seconds.

Clearly, this is something we needed to address with improved server architecture. A combination of a great host, an optimised server and intelligent page caching the TTFB for the new website is 27-37 milliseconds with some pages TTFB being even lower.

Reading about these amazing speeds is not the same as experiencing them. If you visit the website you’ll find the site loads like it is on steroids and this huge gain in performance improves not only the user experience but has an impact on ongoing effort to improve SEO.

Other notable features on the Bremont website

Form builder

Forms play a big part on the Bremont website, so we created a form builder that allows Bremont to create their own forms on any page. More importantly, they all hook up to their CRM system simplifying the management of their data.

Multiple languages

Another important reason for redeveloping the website was their growing need to meet the demands of their international audience. It was the main reason to swap to our preferred Content Management System, as it has great internationalisation support built-in. On launch, the Bremont website was available in French, Spanish, German and Chinese with more languages to be added in the future.

Like most websites, the improvements don’t stop here. We are continually developing the website with the Bremont team to ensure its optimal performance and, of course, sell watches.