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Congratulations to The Sheriffs Office

By Claire Scaramanga, 6th April 2015

Scaramanga first started working with The Sheriffs Office in 2009 and we have been their marketing partner ever since.

We developed their initial marketing strategy to grow their profile with the legal market, and have developed and built on the strategy over the years to enter into new markets, develop new services and take advantage of market opportunities.

Our work with them is varied, covering content marketing, email marketing, events and exhibitions, webinars, social media, marketing collateral and videos, press advertising, AdWords, media relations and a website that simply blows their competitors out of the water in terms of content, visitors, rankings and overall SEO performance.

Oh, and not to mention a TV show that has been watched by over 30 million people and won the Broadcast Award 2014, plus winning several industry awards.

And it's worked - The Sheriffs Office has grown its market share from less than 1% to 15% and is now the 4th largest firm in the industry according to the Ministry of Justice, with undoubtedly the strongest brand presence.