A few simple tips to make the inevitable return to work a little bit easier…

  1. Firstly, check that any equipment that isn’t being used is switched off, this will save the business money! (let’s get the sensible tasks out the way first).
  2. You should also ensure that you have written down your password for the work computer somewhere hidden in plain sight (I highly recommend on the back of your mousepad) this is after one year forgetting my password and having to ask IT for a reset, save yourself the potential embarrassment and write it down somewhere inconspicuous.
  3. Make sure any Amazon gifts you have safely hidden away at work are taken home, no one will believe the excuse that their gift has been left in your top drawer at the office.
  4. Have you eaten all the chocolates and mince pies? Make sure you scoff them before you leave the office because when you return, you’ll have kickstarted some weird diet that involves eating only cabbage and drinking only Polish Vodka and partaking in Bikram Yoga whilst listening to Techno, it’s how Beyoncé looks so fabulous according to Instagram. Mince pies will certainly not be on the menu.
  5. Put your out of office auto replies on and add some festive cheer to the message.
  6. Double check when pay day is because January is the month that never seems to end.
  7. Make sure you lock up the office securely because we all know you only use one password, and everyone now knows it is somewhere on your desk!