Claire Scaramanga has a cat called Sophie; she is a purebred and displays the kind of flagrant superiority that comes with selective breeding – much like royalty. Sophie has developed an addiction to Dreamies and has commandeered the throne of the spinning office chair as her favorite place to sit and covers it with her fur.

Sarah Moran has Sushi, a rather social black and white rescue cat who loves getting in on a Zoom call and flashing his tail. He sees anyone he meets either online or in-person as a potential feeder so attempts to befriend them accordingly.

Josh Martin has noticed that Smudge, his white and black cat, now refuses to use the cat flap and meows loudly until Josh gives in and goes downstairs to let her out.

Finally, we have Simon Leadbetter who is owner or Iggy, a puppy who is energetic, excitable and loves joining in on new business pitches. He is also a fan of licking faces. Iggy has a trip to the vets scheduled this week for some minor day surgery - castration!

So, if you are having a bad week just remember that poor Iggy is losing his balls so it could be worse!