The importance of good hosting

Written by Simon Leadbetter

An often overlooked area, hosting is an essential ingredient of a successful website. If the server your website is hosted on is not optimised for, well, optimal performance, then all the effort that goes into making a beautiful website is negated by slow loading times.

For Serious (and many of our clients), we worked closely with the host to fine tune the server to offer the best possible performance so the website loads fast! And we do mean fast. Web pages on most websites normally take anything between 1.5 seconds to 10 seconds to load. For good SEO, 1 second is the usual target. The Serious website typically loads in 600-700 milliseconds.

We have even developed our own Craft CMS plugin, which purges LiteSpeed Cache (the server technology we use to improve the page load performance).

So everyone is happy. The website looks great and it loads fast – a perfect combination.

If you are interested in improving your website’s performance then speak to us. We can perform UX reviews and/or provide advice on improving your hosting.