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Scaramanga timeline

In 2020, Scaramanaga celebrates 20 years of business. A lot has happened, especially in the last year, so we thought we would spend a little time jotting down what we could remember.


16th November 2020

20 years of Scaramanga

This November, Scaramanga celebrates its 20th Birthday. It has been quite a journey, so we plan to celebrate reaching this milestone. For starters we have launched this new website, but there is more to come.

September 2020

Mike Gammon joins Scaramanga as Head of Design

Mike is a highly skilled and experienced graphic designer, with a special interest in creating great user experiences (UX).

August 2020

Scaramanga moves offices

The Surrey team moves to One Croydon, also known as the Fifty Pence Buidling, right in the heart of Croydon.

July 2020

Scaramanga moves to larger offices

The Kent team moves to larger offices in Churchill Square doubling the space. Thankfully, the move was painless as the new office was just across the corridor.

May 2020

Josh Martin promoted to Technical Lead to head up our web team


September 2019

Dawn Kinder joins Scaramanga as our Office Administrator

Dawn has a great deal of business experience, mostly gained in business development within insurance.

August 2019

New brand and website launched

To mark the merger, we created a new bold identity so everyone knows that we are here!

1st August 2019

Merger of Scaramanga Marketing and Thoughtful on 1st August to form Scaramanga Agency


November 2018

Hollie Ryan joins Thoughtful as a Junior Graphic Designer

5th November will forever more be remembered as the day Hollie joined the team. With are degree in Graphic Design (freshly screen printed I hope) in hand, she increased the team to four to provide her design flare to our branding projects.

October 2018

Kieran McNeill joins Scaramanga as our Social Media Marketing Executive

What Kieran doesn't know about social media isn't worth mentioning! Outside work he manages two Facebook pages with 80,000+ followers, which he has built from scratch.

May 2018

A fresh new approach to Thoughtful’s brand

As a design led company, the Thoughtful team decided it was time to shout about our design credentials. In an attempt to reposition the company we rebranded and established three core messages: that we develop brands, design stuff and are experts in the web.

We took a bold minimalist approach to the identity, inspired by Japanese aesthetics.


November 2017

Peter Burgess joins Thoughtful as a Graphic/Digital Designer

Fresh from Edinburgh University, Peter joined the team to provide his sharp design skills to our projects. We are now three (digital musketeers).

September 2017

Sarah Moran joins Scaramanga to head up client services

Sarah is an English graduate and skilled copywriter and digital marketer, having working previously in recruitment advertising agencies on high profile brands. Sarah is the main point of contact for our retained clients.


November 2016

Claire Scaramanga becomes a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

July 2016

Josh Martin joins the Thoughtful team as a Junior Web Developer

In a baptism of fire, Josh joins the team (replacing the previous employee) and Simon promptly goes on annual leave a week later. Don’t worry. It was just bad timing; we hadn’t fallen out.


April 2015

Scaramanga moves into The Officers’ Mess in Caterham

Just like Thoughtful, Scaramanga started with a two person office and squeezed three people in, before moving to a four, and then five, person office so the proverbial cat could be swung.


Thoughtful hires its first employee

A junior web developer joins, doubling the size of the team overnight.


November 2013

Thoughtful moves into Churchill Square in Kings Hill

Having spent 2 years working from home, it was time to get a small 2-person office, in which we would eventually manage to shoehorn 3 people.


1 July 2011

Simon Leadbetter forms Thoughtful Web

After the anguish of making the decision and months of planning, It was finally time to open the metaphorical doors. Logo designed, website built, coffee made, we pushed the power button on the new computer and took the first step on our journey.

March 2011

Scaramanga secures BBC One TV Show for The Sheriffs Office (The Sheriffs Are Coming)


July 2003

Simon Leadbetter develops new branding and website for Scaramanga

April 2003

Scaramanga hires its first employee


Claire Scaramanga and Simon Leadbetter meet at networking

At that time, we were both based in Wimbledon, South West London. To avoid all the tennis stars and strawberry punnet wielding tourists, we would get up extremely early for a breakfast network meeting in Wimbledon High Street. Although not my [Simon] favourite activity, it was here that Claire and I first met and it would prove to be the start of a long lasting friendship.


16th November 2000

Scaramanga incorporated on 16th November